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Cayde Dixon

Independant minecraft modder, developer and gamer. Email Twitter Google+ Github

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A Simple Discord Setup Guide

A guide to setting up Discord from beginner, to regular user.

Assembly (x86)

So, I was also recently dabbling quite a bit in the x86 assembly side of things. Though right now I have only really worked in with the basic instruction set...

Electric Angel

So, recently I installed Sublime Text 3 for some of its plugins, though I personally might be flicking back to Visual Studio Code from time to time, especial...

Vocaloid Music - Week 7 - Michie M - News 39

Week 5, This one put a nice smile to my face when I saw it.

Vocaloid Music - Week 6 - Utata-P ft. Hatsune Miku - Most Certainly... Undoubtedly... A Goddess!!

Week 5, I like this one as well, got stuck in my head for a while.