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So, from chats on IRC I know people somewhat enjoy the stuff I have here, and some of it even being my own mods but, one thing I would enjoy as a thanks is some support. I don’t say this often because I like to think I am in a somewhat decent standing with everything, but, for me, the truth stands that I am not always in the best of standings, especially financially.

I have multiple methods and points of contact, even if you want to give me a donation, at first, I would prefer to discuss it, though I might end up working on a page that allows for donations/money-gifts via PayPal, another way, as you can see linked up top, is my Patreon I don’t always update this, and currently1 I have no Patreons, but I would really love it if I managed to get more.

For me, pushing out mods (even though I don’t have many, though I have one planned) and even, as those who are regular to the site, would notice, the tutorials, which you can look over at the top, for me, take some time to write up and other times, I cannot always push one, because issues, and not enough time.

But, in the terms of ideas, if you want to give me mod ideas, feel free to email them to me, if you want them in private, or contact me on IRC, which are both linked either in the top or the sidebar.

Personally, I don’t entirely like having to push out anything like this, because, I am not usually one to beg, maybe playfully prod about the factor that I need something in a group of friends, but here, looking at my finances, I am not in the best of standings. Will I survive? Yes, but not to what I would like.

  1. At the time of writing