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This is intended for a more advanced listing of all my forge tutorials, some may be considered easier than others, though basic stuff will not be covered in these documentations (Unless I think they should be covered due to lack of documentation).



FML SimpleImpl and Bukkit

A discussion on FML's SimpleImpl for 1.7+ and how it is encoded.


Java Reflection in Minecraft When Should We Use It?

Java reflection, where to use it, where we shouldn't use it and how to use it.

Optional Annotations, the Usages

FML's @Optional annotation set, how it works and some of the idea's behind it.

FML ObjectHolder, a Simple Run Through

We go over how the FML ObjectHolder annotation works.

ForgeGradle and Java 8, A Hackers Guide

A small hack guide for getting ForgeGradle to compile for Java 8 and still allowing them to load in older environments

Tile Entity Updates, The Quick and Dirty Method

A quick and dirty hack to allow synchronization of tile entities

Forge SimpleImpl Tutorial (1.7.x)

A tutorial on using the FML for Minecraft 1.7.x Netty implementation of SimpleNetworkWrapper