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Plex login method used by PlexAmp

A breakdown of the plex login method used by PlexAmp


A Simple Discord Setup Guide

A guide to setting up Discord from beginner, to regular user.

Assembly (x86)

So, I was also recently dabbling quite a bit in the x86 assembly side of things. Though right now I have only really worked in with the basic instruction set...

Electric Angel

So, recently I installed Sublime Text 3 for some of its plugins, though I personally might be flicking back to Visual Studio Code from time to time, especial...

Vocaloid Music - Week 7 - Michie M - News 39

Week 5, This one put a nice smile to my face when I saw it.

Vocaloid Music - Week 6 - Utata-P ft. Hatsune Miku - Most Certainly... Undoubtedly... A Goddess!!

Week 5, I like this one as well, got stuck in my head for a while.

Vocaloid Music - Week 5 - Utata-P ft. Yuzuki Yukari - There's Supposed to be a Cheat Code for Happiness

Week 5, this one is dark

Vocaloid Music - Week 4 - Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len - Childish War (おこちゃま戦争)

Week 4, another one I have had stuck in my head.

Vocaloid Music - Week 3 - Weekender Girl - kz(livetune) × 八王子P feat. 初音ミク

Week 3, this time not from Project Diva! (At least, the video is)

Vocaloid Music - Week 2 - The Snow White Princess Is Sung by Hatsune Miku

It may be early but, week 2 is here!

FML SimpleImpl and Bukkit

A discussion on FML's SimpleImpl for 1.7+ and how it is encoded.

Vocaloid Music - My Favourites

A start of, a hopefully weekly thing to add to my blog


My Thoughts on the Minecraft 1.8 Update

Just my ramblings about the Minecraft 1.8 update and what it can mean to the modders.

Like My Work? Have Ideas for Me?

So, from chats on IRC I know people somewhat enjoy the stuff I have here, and some of it even being my own mods but, one thing I would enjoy as a thanks is s...

Java Reflection in Minecraft When Should We Use It?

Java reflection, where to use it, where we shouldn't use it and how to use it.

Optional Annotations, the Usages

FML's @Optional annotation set, how it works and some of the idea's behind it.

FML ObjectHolder, a Simple Run Through

We go over how the FML ObjectHolder annotation works.

ForgeGradle and Java 8, A Hackers Guide

A small hack guide for getting ForgeGradle to compile for Java 8 and still allowing them to load in older environments

Tile Entity Updates, The Quick and Dirty Method

A quick and dirty hack to allow synchronization of tile entities

Forge SimpleImpl Tutorial (1.7.x)

A tutorial on using the FML for Minecraft 1.7.x Netty implementation of SimpleNetworkWrapper

Jukebox Reloaded

This is the official download link to Jukebox Reloaded (other than the Minecraft forums of course) the redux of the Vanilla Jukebox to make it even better!

Cazzar Core Lib

This is to announce the proper download location for Cazzar Core Lib which you can find over at CurseForge linked below!

First post!

Hello and welcome to the new blog, due to some technical issues, I have lost the old blog and also the server access so, I have decided to move over to GitHu...